Monday, March 10, 2014

Elemental Mantra

We live five minutes from the Mediterranean Sea in Menton, France. Menton is located at the border where France meets Italy. Menton is known as the Pearl of France. It is surrounded by rock ridges, which are shaped like Dragons. These Dragons are actually ley-lines or magnetic energies that travel through the earth. You could compare the ley-lines to the meridian system of the human body. Menton is like living on a major meridian of the Earth. This particular ley-line system extends from the French Italian Alps to the foothills of Menton where it meets the sea. We can observe lava rock that has taken the shape of dragons reaching into the clear-blue Mediterranean Sea.

This area here is a place of pre-historic caves where clay Goddess figurines were found, dating back to the Neolithic Man. Here the Romans had built temples used to worship the Moon Goddess Diana, Selene and Isis. The temple priestesses watched the full moon rise on the waters of the Sea. The moon’s reflection shining on the water at this special moment created visionary images of moonlight and water where the Moon Goddess would reveal her mystical secrets. Even today at the right time of the year and during the full moon the Moonlight Visions are revealed to those who have the eyes to see.

This is where I live. The Naga Dragon energies of this land are powerful but are dormant and almost forgotton. The Catholic Church of medieval Europe created a dark veil between the spirit of the land and the people.

In the East there exists an image of the Dragon that carries a Pearl. One evening, when I first arrived in Menton I looked up at the full moon to see a Dragon in the form of a cloud. He was holding the moon like a pearl in his mouth.

Every day in the morning I offer a copper bowl of water with small lavender flowers to the elementals. As I do this, I can smell the salt from the sea on my terrace. The sunlight reflects in the water of the copper bowl. The mixture of sunlight, salted air and the faint fragrance of lavender creates the ambience for my communion of prayer and mantra. Subtle signs of nature respond to the Tibetan mantra that I sing:

E ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Space, be purified. I visualize blue light streaming from my heart into infinity.

Yam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Air, be purified. I visualize green light streaming from my heart into infinity.

Bam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Water, be purified. I visualize white light stream from my heart into infinity.

Ram ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Fire, be purified. I visualize red light stream from my heart into infinity.

Lam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Earth, be purified. I visualize golden light stream from my heart into infinity.

E, Yam, Bam, Ram, Lham, shuddhey shanaya swaha
May all the elements of nature also be purified.

A pigeon takes wings into the air and circles around me as I quietly chant. The subtlest winds begin to move the plants that sway mystically to my song. Every morning I greet the day in this way. I am thankful for my friend Rigzin who introduced me to this mantra. My heart is thankful for Lama Kunga who sang this chant with me over the Springs of the Sacramento River. We sang the chant over and over then with our breath we blew into our water bottles and poured the energized water back into the river. I could imagine in my mind the chant traveling down the river out to sea. This is a reality that is unseen or unnoticed by human eyes but it is felt and received in the subtle planes of nature.

I have seen the tangible blessings of making offerings. My girlfriend Susan has made offerings for many more years then myself. When she moved to Portland she began to make Naga Offerings at one of Oregon’s most polluted rivers. A few years later in the place she made her offerings a Water Purification Plant was built and a movement to clean up the river began. Never underestimate what your pure intentions and prayer can do, even when the outer world says otherwise.

I have witnessed the blessings of rains and a balancing of the elements of the enviroment take place after I have made pure offerings in an area. What is a pure offering? A pure offering is one that you does not ask anything for yourself but asks only for the blessing of all sentient beings to be healed and given to the Buddhas. I never ask for rain or snow or weather changes. It not about what I think should be done. I just make my offering and give my gratitude to those beings in nature that are behind the scenes. I ask for their enlightenment and their own evolution. I believe there are even Elemental Buddhas and Wise Ones in these Nature Kingdoms who can guide the course of Nature with compassion.

Do not look for signs or wonders when you are offering - just offer with a pure heart. Do not expect anything in return. But through the course of time you will see changes in how you offer and what happen when you offer. This practice takes time and dedication and non-attachment to results. I have been so blessed with the inner knowledge of this work. I can never express the gratitude to the ones who taught me and the invisible ones who guide me. We make offerings to bless this world. Continue your offerings to continue the blessings!

Sunlight on Water

I am able to place my hat at the end of the road. During the afternoons in Menton we enjoy walking to Italy and sit on a rock that meets the sea.

It was during this time that I began to practice the mantra of Varuna. Varuna is an ancient God of the Vedas. He was the chief brother of the solar sons of the Sun Goddess Aditya. These twelve Gods as one form and are expressed though the Gayatri Mantra. But each God has his own unique gifts which are expressed though the Twelve Solar Gifts of the Sun Mantras. The twelve Gods were Amsa, Aryaman, Bhaga, Daksa, Dhatr, Indra, Mitra, Ravi, Savitri, Surya, Varuna and Yama.

Varuna was the deity that brought the sunlight to the atmosphere of earth through the elements of wind and water. He was the King of the Nagas. He often depicted as a Blue Being accompanied by a court of Nagas or with a chariot drawn by seven white swans.
It was said that the swans use to be black but though the blessing of Varuna he transformed their color into white as milk. Later on in history he became just the God of the Sea and all the rivers and that is why he is recognized as the Naga King.
Varuna is the deity of the sunsets. The sun that sinks into the horizon and travels to the other side of the world that we do not see.

The outer symbolism of the Hindu archetype system can be very complicated to understand and may take years to study. But I find when I do a spiritual discipline through mantra many inner secrets can be revealed to me.

Varuna mantra can help to purify the emotional body and bring to the surface emotional patterns hidden in the sea of the unconsciousness. I began to do this practice during our meditations as we were sitting at the sea. One day as I was repeating the mantra the inner realities of this practice was revealed to me.

Sunlight was reflecting on the water and the wind was blowing as I repeated Varuna’s mantra:

Om Jala Bimbaya Vidmahe
Nila Purushaya Dhee Mahe
Thanno Varuna Prachodayath

The simple form is Om Vam Varunaya Namaha

I saw the whole sea as the body of Varuna. The sunlight reflections on the waters were shining the light into the unconscious depths of my emotional body. Varuna was shedding light in the areas of myself that I could not see, like the sun that sets in the West.

As I got in touch with the emotional pattern that needed my attention for transformation I took a breath. The emotional pattern was like uncoiling a naga hidden in my belly. I breathed deeper. I allowed the element of wind into my body as the emotional energy began to uncoil and be freed with each passing breath. The wind of Varuna was moving though my body. I allowed this feeling of unconscious pain to be viewed and embraced and taken in deeper at the temple door of my heart. Each breath allowed me to go deeper into my heart - past my fears, past my opinions of right and wrong. I allowed it to be transformed in the center of my heart chakra where the central sun always shines, the throne of the infinite. With each deeper breath the pain began to dissolve like clouds into the clarity of the sky of my mind.

I realized that the very process of sea water evaporating into the sunlight was the transformation of Varuna. The breath of Varuna is the wind. The Sunset aspect of Varuna is the light of consciousness shining on the hidden depths in the water of our emotional body. The coiled nagas represent the negative emotional patterns that are asking for transformation. The air of Varuna’s is our breath and the objective becomes to allow our breath and breathing patterns to move though our body without resisting the uncoiling process of our hidden suffering. The breath brings us to the door of our heart, the great transformer. With each breath we embrace our issues without judgment and without resisting. With each breath our mind becomes clear like clouds parting in the sky. There is an infinite Sun within our heart which is the seat of our True Self. Each breath sent into the heart center dissolves the pain into the spaciousness of the Central Sun in the Heart. Our minds become like cloudless blue skies, no thought, just pure consciousness.

The truth of nature is always teaching us. Varuna’s mantra opens my breath like winds on the water. It opens my heart like sunlight bursting out from a cloudy day. The seven swans of his chariot transformed my soul allowing the freedom of flight

Saturday, January 11, 2014

An Elemental Blessing

"Namo earth water fire and all the elements
The animate and the inanimate
The trees and greenery and so forth
All partake of the nature of self-existing equanimity . . . ."
                           Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
May all beings benefit.
Thank you Raylene and all my heart sisters for this practice of joining hearts in the flow of the water the flow of the planet.  Love to each and every one of you.  Susan

Friday, January 10, 2014

Last Day of Water Offerings Raylene

Wow, what a forty days this has been.  It been both emotionally deep, cleansing and profound beyond words.  I  started  my offerings today in Northern CA. and now I am in an Salt Lake airport looking out at snow covered mountains and soon to return to Sedona.  I am deeply grateful for each person that participated in this practice.  And I am thankful to each one of you.

The last 7 days of this practice I was able to go to Stewart Springs and purify in the mineral waters that help me release deeper and deeper into the original face of innocence.  This innocence is teaching me to looked deeper beyond the appearance on the surface of things and beyond the emotional reactions and patterns that we as humans all seem to have. 

 My life in this last few weeks put me through a washboard of experiences at times left me in shock and almost speechless.  But as I deepened into the experience and did not try to resist, I began to see another aspect of the reflections before me.  I put my mother into a rest home last week one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Her care become much more complicated then one person could do alone. She is finally now getting the care she needs.  My father who has been her main care giver is now getting the needed rest and support from my brother and his wife.   I have washed through family patterns in my exchanges with my mother that are now coming to an end. And when all is said and done I see my mother is her original essence as she prepares to go beyond her presence form.

Water Practice is so much deeper then just our oceans, rivers or glittering dew is our own emotional body that is longing to heal, to transform and come back to our original Source within our deepest parts of our heart.  Bowing to everyone who reads these words.....for our very body is made of of water.....May each one of us deepen and heal emotionally inwardly. May all bodies of water of this Beloved Earth be respected and purified.  And may we all become deeply Aware that there is no separation from the Earth's Emotional Body from our very own...

Deeply Thankful,
Raylene Abbott

Last Day of Water Offerings with Elizabeth Heartstar

I went out to my sacred water bowl that has remained in front of Guadalupe since the beautiful day we went to set our intention at the holy well and low and behold it was frozen, as much of the USA is and so the amethyst selenite and quartz are frozen in it until later when our glorious sun will melt it and the 40 days of prayer for Fukushima solutions and all the waters of our bodies and that of our Mother Gaia's be healed, cleansed and enlivened for now and all times! Blessed Bee, 

 Elizabeth HeartStar

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tara Dancers and Water Offerings.

Albany, CA Group danced Tara Dance Dedicated to Healing waters

Tara Dance Practice Healing Waters
By Rev. Jacuqelyn Sendak Zavaleta
During the many years I have danced and taught aspects of the Sacred dance of the Goddess Tara (based on Tibetan Sacred texts) I have observed how this Divine female energy has brought forth tremendous holistic healing into my life and the lives of others.  Due to the current newspaper headlines of Japan’s nuclear fallout hitting the San Francisco, California shoreline I focused on dedicating our local Tara dance practice on holistic healing from Fukushima Japan’s nuclear fallout effecting the waters of the world, human life, ocean beings, the plant kingdom, etc. 

We began the practice with each person giving their name, looking into the mirror with Tara’s reflection, affirming “I am Tara,” and how they were going to personally dedicate their practice session to the healing of the waters via Tara.  

This Goddess of three realms includes the underground realm of earth nagas.  (Many who live in water), the human realm and the God realm.  The positive water element qualities according to Lama Tenzin Wangyal are calmness, being comfortable, sensuous, relaxed, peaceful, and flowing.  In spirtual development the water element helps develop wisdom, overcoming jealousy,  and increasing openness. He describes the qualities of a balanced water element as fluidity, ablility to easily navigate around and through events and relationships. “The higher dimension of water is the joy of being contented with being alive not dependent on external things.  In connecting with the water element inner joy manifests outwardly.  We are happy with people we meet, places we go and enjoy life,” he states.   

Tara’s aspect as the embodiment of the water element is represened by the blue Vajra family an expression of skillful means.   (Tibetan traditions may vary and someome consider white the color of water element.)  Its Tibetan Mantra or sound is BAM in Buddhist or MAM in Bon tradition.)  Tara “teaches us to transform the distorted energy of wrath and anger into the wisdom of clarity,” stated Sharron Rose (Sacred dancer, Buddhist practioner, and author).  

I recently gained understanding from my Nepalese dance teacher and Master Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya the characteristics of a fierce, powerful, and protective Divine Being who removes obstables, subdues evil spirits, and destroys negative thoughts and harmful emotions.  In manifesting the Divine through Sacred dance every movement, mudra, and chant invokes the life force energy to flow though the physical body and into the earth through the feet of the dancer.  I recall the extreme intense power of a surpreme goddess who also possesses great compasion.    Many people are intimidated by a “scary” Divine female Deity whose eyes are flashing and who stamps her feet upon the earth.   The quality is a natural one of a Mother who protects her child from harm at any cost.  However, the Goddess also expresses great joy in bringing liberation and clarity to humans once these human blocks are removed.  

My husband (Rigdzin) lead the Guru Yoga meditation to ground the group and merge with the Goddess Tara.  He introduced “TAM” as Tara’s seed syllable and we sang her mantra.  I then lead the short Tara dance of her various qualities.  My Tara Sister, Jill La Batte from Palma Springs, created our water altar which included seashells and Sacred Blessed (by the Dalai Lama) water made with Precious pills from Bhutan that we have been using in our 40 water practice.  We worked with Tara’s energies generated through the dance practice for others, ourselves, and the outer world healing of waters for Japan and “throughout the cosmos.”  Through dance everyone tapped into water’s peaceful, flowing, calm and relaxed and senual aspects.  

Our group, including two practioners from Italy, danced and amplified everyone’s strengths supporting each other in this Tara healing of the waters.  Participants said this was an amazing event! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ruth's reflections on Water Offerings

Ending the practice:

At the beginning of the water practice I was with Durga, the Fire of truth...  She came down off the mountain riding her lion and greeted the Mother Ocean.  Mother Ocean raised herself high to greet them and then washed ashore bowing humbly at their feet.  Durga was overwhelmed by the infinite humility of the Mother Ocean realizing she is bowing to all no matter what is happening. The strength of Mother ocean can soften even the most violent volcano into sand...and she does it with the strength of her humility.

On the new moon January 1st, with Durga sitting at the sea, I welcomed Mother Kali, the Mother of time, as my practice.  Kali is the Mother Ocean.  Her mighty humility humbles us all. As every wave marks manifest time, her deep body represents unmanifest time, eternity.  

Her power to embody humility teaches us to feel all the waves of time pass over us.  We watch them and see how they slowly dissolve everything they touch. Her love is powerful and gentle at the same time.  As she dissolves the volcano she dissolves this body. As we watch the volcano become sand we are reminding to prepare for eternity with great joy.  The water is her immense love washing us and resolving every hardness into peace and gentleness.  We gladly give ourselves to her love so that we can rest as sand on the shore of heaven. 

Much love, peace and happiness to everyone and everything, Ruth aka Durga